The YWCA is the oldest and largest multicultural women's organization in the world.

The Elyria YWCA  was incorporated on February 13, 1913. In the 1930's, the YWCA was the first organization in Elyria to host multiracial events. Women of different races participated in social events and served on the board together. The YWCA has continued to grow and change with the world, and has led the way on issues of social justice and women's rights. Today, the YWCA offers transitional housing for women and children, empowering programming for adolescent girls throughout Lorain County, employment training and coaching for single mothers, and advocacy through our Community Anti-Hate Taskforce.

We are on a mission to eliminate racism and empower women. We provide safe places for women and girls, build strong women leaders, and advocate for women's rights and civil rights on a local and global level.

Women come to us in times of crisis, as survivors of rape or domestic violence. They come for job training and career counseling. They come for childcare. They come for health and fitness. They come for a variety of reasons. But they come. And they leave with a renewed spirit, new skills, and stronger lives.