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The Elyria YWCA Youth Dance Program is dedicated to providing professional, fun, and most importantly affordable dance education to children of all ages.

Dance is a universal language that builds confidence, self-esteem, and empowers young minds. For the past three decades the Elyria YWCA has offered quality dance instruction at an affordable price.

Our talented and professional staff create a caring and fun class environment for children of all ages and experience levels. Our students enjoy increased self-esteem, coordination, balance, poise, and many more wonderful benefits of dance. Whether a child continues to dance or becomes a professional dancer is not the goal. It is our hope that our students experience the joy, excitement, and passion that dance can create.

We offer classes in the following areas:

Tots Ballet

Tots Ballet is a fun introduction to ballet for younger children ages three to four. The instructor uses games and songs to teach balance, rhythm, movement,coordination, and basic ballet steps.


Kinderdance is an introduction to ballet, tap, and basic tumbling for children ages five to six.


Our Ballet classes focus on ballet technique while developing strength, confidence, flexibility, and grace.


Our Tap classes teach rhythm and coordination. Students will put fundamentals to work by learning new steps, patterns, and combinations.


Our Jazz classes are a mixture of fun and upbeat jazz techniques. Students are challenged to think on their feet while enjoying an energetic class that emphasizes flexibility, rhythm, and coordination.

Please email elyriaywcadance@gmail.com for more information.

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